Tango for beginners! Start on Sunday – November 4th 2018! 4.30p.m.

Did you ever want to learn the Argentine tango and dance with passion and flair in a friendly environment? Then look no further and hit the ground running with the best possible introduction at Złota Milonga!
We are starting a weekly class in English for complete beginners (no partner or dance experience required!) over the course of 3 months. The class will be run by Jakub Milonga – one of the most renowned tango personalities in Warsaw with TV appearances and 20 years’ tango teaching experience – accompanied by his partner.

By signing up you will learn the most important tango steps and movements, as well as general dance techniques. Perhaps more importantly, you will also be able to relax, and remain calm and confident while dancing. This will allow you to experience tango at its fullest – with all its passion, playfulness and joyful emotions!

Everybody is welcome to sign up, regardless of their age, dance experience and whether they are on their own or with a partner! If you are interested please send us a message at milonga@milonga.pl or on Facebook (add Jakub Milonga), or simply call/text us on +48 509 123 268. You can also sign up in person, by visiting our tango school at Długa 44/50 st. in central Warsaw. The easiest way to get there is to walk in through Park Krasińskich. We accept payments via bank transfers and by cash.
The account numer of our  tango school is: 50 1020 1097 0000 7002 0244 2036.

START: Sunday 4:30p.m. (1h15′)  Nov 4th.
Monthly cost: 165PLN per person. Please, confirm your access to the group.

3 września 2018